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Colleen & DougDoug and Colleen Haupt, a California couple, have taken their personal experience with diabetes and passion to help people to found the American Board for Child Diabetics (ABCD), a non-profit foundation that strives to benefit under- and un-insured persons affected by diabetes.

It all started with their purchase of Fleetwood’s On Front Street’s famous Harley Davidson Hog Burger. They will turn this purchase around to auction the Harley with net proceeds being donated to the newly formed foundation.

“The idea to build a charity to benefit struggling families of children with Type 1 Diabetes was developing in our hearts already.  We have two grandsons who were diagnosed at ages 3 and 4 years old, and a niece at age 8.

The idea was born during a holiday in Maui.  On a whim we stopped into Fleetwood’s on Front Street in Lahaina. What happened after that was meeting a series of wonderful people where we immediately connected. The Manager at Fleetwood’s was instrumental in that connection. He was real, professional, and honest; it was clear that it was a relationship built on trust.

It was passion out of the gate. The decision to buy the Hog Burger was not emotional. We took 10 days to make it final. The thing that closed the deal for us was the opportunity to realize the passion that had been brewing in our hearts.  I don’t really think we knew how strongly we felt about it until that moment.

It turned what seemed to many a financially crazy decision, in our normal lives, to a decision that we know was right and couldn’t justify logically. We still say to friends and family, “We know it’s crazy, but we know it’s the right thing to do.”

The Hog Burger was a motivational asset along with the Mick Fleetwood name and fan passion that the auction idea was conceived. That was the first step to what has become the charity that has taken on a life of its own.

We never realized the network of friends, businesses, and family that would rise to the occasion. The reaction is almost overwhelming.”

– Doug & Colleen Haupt, Founders