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A Youth Reaches Out to Help In India…   arrow

Aman Chopra, a freshman at Mission San Jose High School, contacted ABCD a few months ago with a desire to bring diabetes supplies with him to India to help the poor to coincide with a family vacation. We had recently received a call to accept a large number of supplies. It was well beyond what we could manage. Timing perfect.

We coordinated the collection and delivery to Aman’s home. It was a VAST amount of meters,
syringes, lancets and more. Aman created a project plan, an inventory of the supplies (over 100,000 pieces), contacted hospitals and endo’s to confirm the needs, the India Consulate to assure easy entry into the country, the airlines to get on board and completed all because of his passion, dedication and heart for those less fortunate. Take a look and let’s congratulate him on such a great achievement! I’m honored to have him as an ABCD supporter!